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ESPNHS Terry Rozier

Shaker's Own: Terry Rozier

Senior point guard Terry Rozier is on the cover of ESPNHS magazine -- wearing his Shaker uniform. Terry has committed to the University of Louisville Cardinals.

Shaker Basketball Head Coach, Danny Young, has this to say about Terry:

"Terry has worked  very hard to accomplish his goals.   When he was in 7thgrade he told me his dream school was the University of Louisville.  He wanted to play for Rick Pitino.  Terry and I met regularly to discuss how he could reach his goals. I talked with him every day about staying in Shaker and not leaving me to go to some private school in Cleveland or Akron.  He promised me he would stay and play for me, even when outsiders were encouraging him to leave Shaker.  I can honestly say he work hard on his game to accomplish those goals.  He’s a gym rat and loves to work on every facet of his game.  More importantly, he’s a committed person in believing in the Shaker coaches and allowing us to help him reach his goals.

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Top 10: Scouting report

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Rafael Nadal: All-court king

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